2016 Winnebago Camp Out… Short on Snow but not on Fun!

The dads and sons of the PRISIP Winnebago Nation had a great time February 6th and 7th at Camp Duncan.  The boys participated in a variety of activities throughout a weekend.  Art, athletics and learning were packed into this special event for the scouts.  Even with no snow, the dads and Scouts shared memorable experiences.


Athletics included broom ball games that matched teams of scouts against their dads.   An indoor floor hockey tournament floor hockey tournament continued until the early evenings with scout teams battling for floor hockey supremacy.  Scouts learned about Native American  legends, myths and fables through the constellations at Camp Duncan’s indoor Star Lab.  Hopeful scouts designed colorful representations of the winter campout seeking to win the patch design contest.  The boys explored the campgrounds searching for the most interesting object that they could find.  Saturday night finished with the traditional bonfire followed by the individual tribes’ late night barbecue.

Special thanks to Nation Chief Matt Hachigian and his amazing crew for coordinating this event.  Enjoy the pictures from the festivities.

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TF5K 2016 – Now in living COLOR!

TF5K 2016 adds Color Run Fun!

Together Forever has added Color to the Race!  Our New Color Run is an untimed Fun run where you’ll be blasted at 1 color station on course and 1 at the Finish Line/Start.   So grab your friends and your family cause we’re bringing a color fun experience to Park Ridge!  Wear white and Sunglasses at the starting line and finish coated in color! Same Course with a Splash of Color!


Packet Pick Up

— Dick Pond Park Ridge

— May 6th – 2:30pm-7:00pm


Race Date: May 7th 

— Start time: 8:00am

— Race Location: George Washington School

 1500 Stewart in Park Ridge in-between  Western Ave / Crescent 

 Race Day Packet Pick Up/ Registration Opens: 7:10am -7:50am


Learn more at the following link:


Happy Memorial Day! From the Parade to Joining a PRISIP Tribe

This is an older post, but a good one for Moms and Dads who have seen the Indian Princesses and Indian Scouts in the Memorial Day Parade to check out! We welcome you and invite you to take a look!


Greetings, and happy Memorial Day! It’s a wonderful day, not only because of the long-weekend or the excitement of the parade here in Park Ridge, but because it’s a day for looking back in remembrance, but also looking ahead and considering a course of action for the future.

If you saw the Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses in the Parade on Monday and are wondering about what your future with our organization looks like, I’d like to share a few observations with you.

Nation Chief Dave and his daughter enjoy the Memorial Day Parade in May 2013.

Nation Chief Dave and his daughter enjoy the Memorial Day Parade in May 2013.

First of all, there have been so many thoughtful, helpful words shared through the years concerning the PRISIP organization – in particular the Indian Princesses, who are truly the heart and soul of the broader organization in my view – and you’ll want to read them all. Reflections from dads and daughters who have been in our organization a long time. Thoughts on the Native American symbolism. Expectations around the annual schedule commitments. Take a look by reading this article from May 2012.

Daughters of the outgoing and incoming Iroquois Nation's Nation Chiefs welcome you!

Daughters of the outgoing and incoming Iroquois Nation’s Nation Chiefs welcome you!

PRISIP is divided into 5 “Nations” (three girls’ nations and two boys’ nations). Far and away the very best Girls’ Nation is the mighty Iroquois (I’m somewhat biased as the outgoing “Nation Chief” for the Iroquois) and if you and your daughter are looking to join a tribe, this is the Nation to find your right fit. We’ve got guys from all walks of life and girls from all local schools. If you’re looking for a girls tribe to join, consider our Crow, Comanche, Nez Perce, Navajo, Seminole and Sauk tribes – you’ll be glad you did!

The Iroquois are also the most socially active of all the Nations – going far beyond the annual “required events” to enjoy a year full of campouts and activities. In 2012, our Iroquois founded the annual Together Forever 5K which just completed it’s second strong year earlier this May. This past winter, Navajo girls worked to enhance the annual PRISIP tree sale by creating holiday ornaments.

Navajo girls used monthly craft night to create ornaments to share at the annual PRISIP Tree Sale.

Navajo girls used monthly craft night to create ornaments to share at the annual PRISIP Tree Sale.

You and your girl (or your husband and daughter – Hi Moms!) will find a wealth of meaningful activities and a lifetime of memories in our Iroquois Nation. To get stared, just download the registration forms and have them ready for the fall to bring to our annual Registration Night. (Keep an eye on this site for more details.) Or send us a note using the contact form found on this very site!

We hope you had a good time at the Memorial Day parade and that you enjoyed seeing our PRISIP dads and daughters, and the fathers and sons, in action. That’s what it’s all about – making memories and having fun!

Love your freedom? Thank a vet. Love your daughter? Join the Iroquois.

The Iroquois Dads and Daughters from the Navajo tribe make their way through the Memorial Day Parade.

This coming Monday, the citizens of Park Ridge, Illinois, will once again gather on the lawns and sidewalks along Cumberland to celebrate America and to cap off a long holiday weekend. And, as per tradition, the dads and daughters of the Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses will take our customary place at the end of the parade, marching, rolling, laughing our way through the route, throwing candy to the crowd, our girls having nearly as much fun throwing the candy as the kids catching it on the curb. We gather like this each and every year because it’s fun, and the girls get a big kick out of it, and because “hey!” it’s a fun way to end that long holiday weekend. It’s a point of connection between the Indian Princesses and the community, and the sharing of the candy is a thoughtful, if unarticulated, reminder of our Fourth Aim, “To Want Less, and Give More.”

Of course, there are those who truly “gave more,” in fact, “gave all” for their Country, and this is certainly the true reason for the Memorial Day holiday. The lives of the Iroquois Nation have been touched in countless ways by their service and the debt of gratitude and the respect we have for these men and women who served – from our members who currently serve their country on frontlines and in boardrooms, to those that have served in any capacity in the last 50 years, to the legacy of the Navajo Code Talkers celebrated by their namesake tribe, the Iroquois’ Navajo girls – and we march to honor their connection to the community as much as we do to forge new connections every year.

Harry and his treasured Marine Corps companions.

There’s a photo that hangs in our home, taken sometime in the mid-’80s in our backyard, of my wife’s grandfather Harry and several of the men he served with on Iwo Jima in February 1945. Harry is always quick to correct those that would herald his “fighting” on that island. “I was in a tank,” he says. “Those men on the beach did the real fighting. I was simply honored to have served beside them.” He’s too modest, of course, and Harry’s Pacific WWII journey took him and his fellow Marines from Iwo Jima to Okinawa before he would eventually return to Park Ridge to build the home we live in today. Along the way, across a collection of moments born of both a crucible of conflict and occasional quiet reflection, Harry and the men of Company C would form lifelong friendships that endured literally “forever,” or for at least as long as they were given in the aftermath of that conflict. The America they fought to preserve and build was most certainly better for their efforts.

The real story, of course, isn’t the combat, or the survival. But it is the outcome of both – those lasting relationships – that is at the heart of this post. Those men, in only the briefest of moments, lived and shared experiences that connected them for a lifetime.

Making memories in the annual Memorial Day Parade.

Park Ridge Indian Princesses and our Iroquois Nation creates those opportunities for connection between dads and daughters, as well as other dads, daily – frankly, it’s why we exist. Certainly we ask nothing so grueling as global warfare. Instead, over the course of nine simple meetings, just one a month, and then three camping weekends a year, our Dads and Daughters of the Iroquois have numerous opportunities to share unique, meaningful experiences, making the kind of memories that last forever. We believe that as Park Ridge’s most active Indian Princess Nation, we have the opportunity to go beyond the basics of the program, and often do, with numerous optional monthly activities, dances, outings, adventures and more. We try to make the Iroquois Nation a platform for opportunities for fun and connection with your daughter, and for making connections that last a lifetime. It’s why we proudly declare “Fathers and Daughters, Together Forever.”

So when you see the Iroquois marching in the Memorial Day Parade this year, and as you pause to consider the freedom you enjoy on this lovely summer weekend, take a moment to also ask yourself if you’re ready to “give more” – to your family, to your community, to your daughter and your relationship with her. If that answer is “yes,” then you’ll find a welcoming “band of brothers” in the families of the Iroquois.

The Annual PRISIP Tree Sale is Here!

Hey everybody! Our Annual Tree Sale begins the Saturday following Thanksgiving, once again in the Community Center parking lot at the corner of Western and Touhy in Park Ridge. This is the only annual Tree Sale in town where 100% of the proceeds go to benefit our Park Ridge community! With funds raised by our December 2013 sale, the Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses were able to support the following organizations with generous donations:

So come on out and get your tree from us and do some good in our community!


PRISIP TF5K Wonderful Day for All!


On a beautiful spring morning, nearly 400 runners joined in running, walking, scooting and strolling in this year’s annual charity fundraiser sponsored by PRISIP. Moms, dads, kids of all ages, and pets of all kinds came out to support the Indian Princesses and Indian Scouts and their efforts on this beautiful morning.

Click here to download all official race results for individual runners: Overall Results_Park Ridge 5k



TF5K This Saturday; Shirts Limited!

It’s your last few days to sign up for the TF5k! Hurry now! It’s a great run, for a great cause! But fair warning, t-shirt quantities are limited and may not be available to those that sign up after today…

TF5K Certified Route Announced!

Race location: George Washington Elementary School

1500 Stewart Ave, Park Ridge

Race Starts at 8:00am


Packet pick up location & times:  Dick pond store: 29 S. Prospect Ave.

Friday, May 9th from 2:00pm -7:00pm




TF5K Register Now! USATF Certified!

tf5kbuttonThe Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses invites you to join us once again for the 2nd Annual Together Forever 5K (TF5K) on May 10, 2014.


The Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses is an organization that provides engaging ways for Fathers to connect with their sons and daughters, stressing relationship building, community service and respect for nature, as well as offering a “lifetime of memories.” The Together Forever 5K Run/Walk is an event designed to provide participants a fun family experience while providing support for local childrens’ charities and families in need – a meaningful portion of the proceeds go directly to these families!

The Together Forever 5K Run/Walk is organized by Carpe Diem Races, an organization that manages and creates 5k and 10k events throughout the Chicagoland area. The 2014 TF5K will be held on Saturday, May 10 as part of the Mother’s Day weekend.

UPDATE: Now USATF Certified!   USATF #IL -14034-JW.

TF5K Reveals 2014 Poster

Coming soon to a local business near you! Or download one of your own and share!