The Park Ridge Wilderness Scouts & Princesses Support Compass to Care

Race Roster

Join the upcoming run/walk to benefit Compass to Care and help fight cancer.  The event will take place Saturday, October 22nd at 8:00 am in Hodges Park.  As a participant you will receive a free t-shirt.  There will be kids races and a post-race party.  It i free for childhood cancer survivors.


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A camp out featuring the moon and the stars

Ott Joe DSC_0082

The Park Ridge Winnebago Nation returned to YMCA Camp Minicani for the first time in  3-years.     Scouts explored the trails and challenge courses as they competed in the plate hunt and searched for unusual objects.  Many took advantage of the activities that included archery, horseback riding, boating, fishing, basketball, and Gaga ball.  Everyone was happy to be back.

At sunset, the Great Chief Matt Hachigian led the Winnebago Nation to the Council Fire where new Scouts were welcomed to the Nation and long-time Scouts were honored for their achievements.  After the ceremony, the camp chefs fired up the barbecue pits to cook “second dinner”.  Scouts and dads enjoyed their traditional tribal meal as they swapped stories around the campfire.

Later Saturday evening, Joe Ott (pictured above) and his son Sam Ott of the Sauk tribe set-up their vintage 1987 Sears telescope so the Wilderness Scouts and their dads could get a closer look at the moon and stars.  Over 100 dads and Scouts took a gazed at the Wisconsin night skies.  The Camp out was a truly memorable experience.

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The First Camp Out of the Year


Horseback riding,  wall climbing, candle making, archery, fishing, games and riflery can only mean one thing… it is camp out season for the Park Ridge Wilderness Scouts and Princesses.  This past weekend the Park Ridge Iroquois Nation visited Camp Tecumseh in Indiana.   The girls played  day and night while the dads participated in the games and then grilled and smoked meats for their tribes.   It was fun for all!

Steve Quinlivan, Chief of the Crow, earns the top spot on the web page (pictured above) with his creative headgear at this past camp out.  Steve is one of the Federation’s most active members.  He is a retired Federation Treasurer, a retired Tree Master, and a former Tribal Chief of the Mighty Dakota with the Park Ridge Winnebago Nation (boys).  Steve gives a great deal of his time and energy to the organization to make sure that the kids and dads involved have memorable experiences.

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Welcome Back!


The 2016/2017 school has gotten under way, which means that it is time for Scouting season. Mike Grapenthien the Nation Chief of the PR Iroquois Nation welcomed new members to the Park Ridge Wilderness Scouts and Princesses at the Friday night’s Induction Ceremony. There was a march, a campfire, words of wisdom, and plenty of smiles from the girls joining the Iroquois Nation. Moms, dads, and kids attended the annual ceremony held at the Wildwood Nature Center.












We will miss you Kate

Celebrating Katherine Paige (Details tbd)

Many of you probably already have heard of the tragic early passing of Kate Babich earlier this week.  Kate besides being a fun-loving spunky 7 year old, loving daughter and sister, and fantastic friend to many was also a wonderful member of the Mighty Creek.  It was always a joy to see her and her father Cooper at Mighty Creek outings, campouts, tree sales etc.  She will be greatly missed.

 Many throughout Park Ridge are honoring Kate and supporting the Babich family by placing purple ribbons and bows on trees.  
Also as many of you are looking for ways to help the family in any way possible, please note that a foundation is being set up at the family’s request to honor Kate.  We welcome you to visit the link below to learn more about the Kate Babich Foundation.
We will miss you Kate

The 2016 Park Ridge Memorial Day Parade


This past Memorial Day the Park Ridge community honored the veterans who died while serving in the U.S. military.   It was beautiful day for a parade.

The Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses pulled wagons while throwing candy and trinkets to parade goers.  And yes, there were the parade  floats of the PR Iroquois Nation.  Kermit the Frog, a giant rubber duck, running with the bulls, a dinosaur, patriotic themed vehicles, flamingos and a Tiki bar  were a few of the floats that traveled the parade route.   The Seminole had a massive float themed with the organization’s upcoming name change to the Park Ridge Wilderness Scouts and Princesses.  Matt Adam’s Chippewa tribe, part of the PR Winnebago Nation, decided to get in on the action with their salute to the new Star Wars movie.  Maybe it is time for the rest of Federation to get into the float competition, too.

It was a great parade.  Most importantly, the kids had fun with there families as we paid tribute to our fallen veterans.

We at the Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses would like to thank the current and former members of U.S. military for all  they do to protect our freedom.  Thank you.


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The Park Ridge Navajo Tribe Prepares for the Memorial Day Parade



Several families from the PR Navajo tribe joined forces to decorate their float for the upcoming Park Ridge Memorial Day Parade.  Chief Eugene, Tara, Finley and Anthony Pullano developed and implemented the concept.  They were joined by John McNabola and his talented daughter Jessica (above).  Julia Farrell was also there to help out.

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The Park Ridge Memorial Day Parade is Fast Approaching

The Memorial Day Parade is on Monday May 30th at 10am.  Here are the important details for the day:
ASSEMBLE FOR PARADE:    We will meet in and around the parking lot area at South Park (Talcott and Cumberland) at 9:30am.   WEAR VESTS!!!  BRING CANDY!!  As usual, the parade moves north down Cumberland to Prairie to Main Street, ending at City Hall.  We follow the Maine Township Hockey group.  Please assemble by Nation. Our marching order will be:  IROQUOIS, MOHAWK, ALGONQUIN, WINNEBAGO, ILLINI.
Make sure to also apply sunscreen and bug spray before arriving at the parking lot.

The 2016 Park Ridge Indian Scouts and Indian Princesses Family Color Run


Despite the rain, Thor Guard alarming everyone to go to their vehicles, increased winds, and the temperature dropping about 15 degrees in 15 minutes, the 2016 TF5K Mini Color Run started.  This alone was an accomplishment given the conditions.  Once the race got going a rainbow of blue, green, red, yellow, purple and pink colored the participants as the ran, walked, skipped, skated and sauntered throughout  the Park Ridge course.  It was a 2 mile event packed with fun.   Smiles were contagious as friends and family all shared the experience.   
We would like to thank all of those involved including participants, volunteers, committee members, Carpe Diem Races, and sponsors.  All of the proceeds from the event go to help a local family need. 
DSC_0705 DSC_0706 DSC_0707
Committee Members
I would like to thank these individuals for their commitment to making this race happen.  Without their drive, determination and creativity the race would not have been possible.  Don started the race four years ago and continues to work to get everyone to the start line year after year.  Mike worked to bring in sponsors, develop a Facebook page, and deliver race information to homes along the route.  Jen and Chris tirelessly approached Park Ridge area businesses looking for sponsors.  They also sought out new participants for the event.  Spiro, Keith, and Todd worked to turn PRISIP members into race participants.   They also volunteered race day.  Dave Lawrence is the very talented creative arm of the organization.  He  designed the race logo and artwork.   Colleen with Carpe Diem Races did a fantastic job as race manager throughout this process.  Thank you to all of the committee members.   
  • Don Metter
  • Mike Besenjak
  • Jennifer Hachigian
  • Christine Sandrik
  • Spiro Tsipianitis
  • Keith Lipinski
  • Todd Bridges
  • Dave Lawrence
  • Colleen Montgomery
2016 TF5K Sponsors
We would like to thank all of our sponsors for contributing to the race and helping a local family in need.
Hay Caramba
William Blair & Company. L.L.C.
Mel Thillens for State Senate
Inline image
Trader Joe’s

DSC_0672 DSC_0670 DSC_0681 DSC_0680 DSC_0675 DSC_0676 DSC_0677 DSC_0682 DSC_0683 DSC_0685 DSC_0690 DSC_0689


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DSC_0899 DSC_0893 DSC_0810 DSC_0803 DSC_0813 DSC_0815 DSC_0814DSC_0665






The PRISIP Navajo Tribe of the Iroquois Nation went on a an amazing adventure this past Saturday.   Dads and daughters raced throughout Park Ridge looking for items that they either collected or photographed.  They had two hours to find 21 preselected objects for this GREAT HUNT.  Later that night, dads and daughters regrouped to put together a scrap book of the event as they ate pizza and enjoyed the Blackhawks game.